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Power Verbs

 Demand your reader’s attention; keep them curious and interested in your CV by starting your sentences with power verbs. They will energise and brighten your achievements.


To help you, we have provided the following list:

Accelerated Dealt improvised represented
accomplished debated included rescued
acquired decided incorporated researched
acted decreased increased resolved
added defined initiated revealed
addressed delegated inspected reviewed
adjusted delivered instituted revised
administered demonstrated instructed  
advised described integrated Saved
advocated designated interpreted scheduled
aided designed interviewed scouted
allotted determined introduced screened
analysed developed invented scrutinised
applied devised investigated selected
appointed diagnosed involved sent
appraised diminished   served
approved directed Joined setup
arbitrated discovered   shaped
argued dispatched Laboured shipped
arranged distributed launched showed
assembled drafted lectured sifted
assessed drew up led simplified
assigned dropped licensed smoothed
assimilated   located sold
assisted Earned looked solved
assumed edited   sought
assured educated Made spearheaded
attained effected maintained specified
attended elected managed spoke
audited eliminated mapped started
authorised employed marketed stated
awarded enabled maximised stimulated
  encouraged mediated stopped
Balanced engaged met straightened
began engineered moderated stripped
briefed enjoyed modified structured
brought enlarged moulded studied
budgeted enlisted monitored submitted
built ensured motivated succeeded
  established moved suggested
Calculated estimated   summarised
captained evaluated Named supervised
catalogued examined negotiated supplied
caused expanded netted supported
chaired expedited   surmounted
changed expended Qualified surveyed
checked explained   systemised
chose explored Raised  
clarified extracted ran Tabulated
classified   rated targeted
closed Facilitated realised taught
coached familiarised received tested
collected filed recognised tightened
combined financed recommended took
communicated followed up referred took over
compared forecast rehabilitated transferred
compiled foresaw reinforced transformed
completed formulated related translated
composed forwarded renegotiated travelled
computed fostered renovated treated
concluded found reorganised tutored
conditioned functioned reported typed
conducted   represented  
consolidated Gained rescued Umpired
constructed galvanised researched uncovered
consulted guided resolved unearthed
contacted   revealed updated
continued Handled reviewed used
contracted heightened revised  
controlled highlighted rehabilitated Validated
convinced hired reinforced  
corrected hunted related Welcomed
corresponded   renegotiated won
counselled Identified renovated worked
created illustrated reorganised wrote
  implemented reported  

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