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Stand out from the crowd

My English CV is a website where clients of KGT Consulting® ( can get valuable tips for writing your CV and cover letter in English.  Whether you are a highly educated/experienced professional, executive-level or graduate looking for that winning edge CV, we can help you. 

With English being the language of many international companies, we experienced that a high proportion of international job seekers were overlooked because their CVs were not playing to their strengths. Moreover, CVs with poor layout, irrelevant information and grammatical errors can prevent job applicants from shining. 

So we launched a website to help our clients create well-presented, easy-to-read CVs to help them improve their chances of securing the all-important interview. 

By contacting KGT Consulting® you can gain access to bespoke training that enables you to move up the professional ladder. Our range of services allows you - the international job seeker - to take full advantage of your skills and experience.

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